Cortège artbook, signed with drawing


SIGNED CORTEGE PACK 40€ (Artbook only: 30€)

  • The Cortege Artbook
  • 1 A4 print on 300gr texture paper to choose from those available at Japan Expo (new illustrations from the artbook) – Size 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in – 210 x 297 mm
  • A drawing inked with golden ornaments in the artbook (character of your choice)


Genre: Artbook
Release Date: July 2022
Size: A4, perfect binding, soft touch cover
Type: 80 pages in colour
Language: French and English (bilingual book)

This book presents a free interpretation of a selection of yokai, fantastic creatures from Japanese traditional legends and tales. Pranksters or bad spirits, they especially take the shape of animals and monsters. Their presence would explain why some phenomenon happen, as well as strange events or torments. Some others were humans who went through an irreversible metamorphosis after too big of an emotional shock.

The title was chosen as a reference to the Night parade of one hundred demons, the Hyakki Hyago, a belief that every year, during a summer night, yokai would swarm into the streets in the form of a huge procession or of a terrifying insurrection.