2022 • A4 size • 78 colour pages

Through lots of illustrations and short texts, this artbook presents a free interpretation of a selection of yokai, fantastic creatures from Japanese traditional legends and tales.


2018 • A5 size • 76 pages in black and white

Leyric is the young heir of a prestigious family of mages. Capricious and extravagant, he shamelessly takes advantage of his position to get what he wants. He will do anything for that, even pay the highest price…

Through a series of ink illustrations and an erotic comic, Vesperalis presents a crepuscular urban fantasy universe in which a part of humanity mutated.  In this world where spirits and other strange creatures manifest themselves more and more, some humans now have horns or scales, and a number of them developed powers which had been buried up until then.


2018 • A5 size • 76 colour pages

Within the villages inhabiting the jungles of Garuda, shamans are revered for their close relationship with the world of spirits. Children who have enough potential to occupy this position are sent well away from society in order to follow a rigorous training for several years. Antelone and Rajan, brother and sister, have been chosen. They will not have any other choice but to follow the path that was forced upon them while trying to survive the harsh training of their master, together.


2017 • A5 size • 64 colour pages

It is said that in the icy territories of Damavykas live among humans fantastic beings. They are wyverns, people who are able to transform into sea creatures, and who hide themselves,  fearing that they’d be caught. Wagner, a sailor, is not interested in such absurd fairytales as he is on his way back to the capital of his native country.


2017 • A4 size • 96 colour pages

Wisteria is a collection of illustrations made with inks and watercolour. It presents the characters of a universe where humans, spirits and other imaginary creatures live together. This book is divided into four parts, each one centered on a particular continent.


2016 • A5 size • 74 colour pages

In a world where spirits exist hidden alongside humans, Enzo makes a strange encounter. After waking up from a bad dream, he catches sight of two eerie spirits flying out of his window. Who are they ?


2015 • A5 size • 82 colour pages

Zora lives in a world where technological progress and surnatural spirits live side by side. She’s a young and adventurous introvert, unable to mingle with her classmates because they think she’s weird. Daughter of a mother who disappeared and practiced alchemy and a father who is an apothecary, an odd job during these times, she will meet Fen. He is a strange wolf who can take on an human form… But where does he come from?


2013 • A5 size • 140 colour pages

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted lake in the heart of five great kingdoms. That same lake was inhabited by a benevolent spirit, which helped anyone who came around here. Many, who wished to see their wishes fulfilled, left to look for it. Amongst them were four Princes. Four princes with unique destinies. Four Princes looking for happiness.


Les Contes du Lac are a collaborative work between Frozen Garden and the artist Nacrym.